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Premium Superfood Capsules
Quality Superfood for Body & Soul
I’ve heard it said that people can Cure anything with the Right Diet!
What was it that Attracted You to this website today?
Have you Given up on Your Body?
... We haven't! - This is a guidebook for
all men and women, old and young alike,
who wish to be in control of their own health.

42 Superfoods – Raw - Tested - Without Prescription
And you decide the when, where and how much.

Imagine being able to bring with you - the combined properties and awesome powers of 42 honored and proven super foods from ancient herbalist lore - in a single vegan capsule.
We want to give you the tools to release your potential.
Take your time and you will easily find everything you seek
readily available on this website.

You’re here because your body is Important to you. It's your temple and you wish to protect yourself or those you love.

Give your body a good life - In a simple and natural way –
At the right price. Gain the advantage through the many facets and functionalities of our exclusive super food products.
Strength Energy
Calm Equilibrium
Trek Adventure
Sport Adventure
Strength & Energy

Fresh & Free
All your Life
Exercise & Daily

Get your Body
Fit for Fight
Health & Wellness
for all Ages

& Digestion
Relaxation, Sleep,
Calm & Security

Morpheus 10 Recommended
Sport, Trek
& Adventure

Superfood for
your Backpack
& Fitness

Only the Best
of the Best
Raw & Handmade
Herbal Superfoods
Freedom Superfoods
Freedom Superfoods
Raw & Handmade

Watch the Production - from
Powder to Capsule
42Freedom Ingredients

Meet the 42 Superfoods

The Original
Superfood Capsule
Morpheus10 Package

The Big Pharma Alternative
Morpheus10 Ingredients

Meet the 10 Superfoods
Prices & Offers

Get your Superfood Package Today
Superfood Health Benefits
Superfood Health Benefits
Superfood Health Benefits
Superfood Health Benefits
Superfood Health Benefits
Superfood Health Benefits
Superfood Health Benefits
Superfood Health Benefits
Superfood Health Benefits

Our goal is to change people’s
understanding, approach and access
to health food and nutrition.

Our purpose is our products.

We want to make it simple to eat
with great variation.

Our dream is to contribute to the world by creating the healthiest food on the planet.

By combining heirloom plants with passion and care, based on our forefathers’ wisdom, we create ultimate nutrition with ultimate integrity.

Unique is our only standard.

We have a holistic approach to nutrition.

We honor the power of nature and its diversity, by creating complex nourishment through a simple process.

We have chosen to make premium superfood capsules filled with the healthiest herbal
powder blend known to mankind.

Would you like a package?

Next time you want to invest in yourself,
consider Freedom Superfoods!
Superfood for Your Life
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Premium Quality
Superfood Capsules
with All 90
Essential Nutrients
Optimal Compact
Non-Processed Food
Raw & 100% Vegan
Easy Portable
& Durable
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I need compact Superfood
Something easy and durable
We want to get More
out of our Golden Years
I want as many Superfoods
as there are colors in my painting
I cannot afford Mistakes up here
I want Superfood in perfect Doses
I have to watch my Carbs
I want the absolute best for my body
I'm gonna win this Tournament
I need Brainpower to Think it Through
To Achieve True Enlightenment
I need a Clean and Calm Body
It's 10 minutes before the Meeting
I need Balanced Nutrients to Succeed
I'm gonna stay in Shape
So Superfood is in my Daily Routine
I want to stay Sharp and On Point
Superfood is the Logical Choice
I have Limited Space in my Bag
Superfood is the only choice
My Team is Depending on Me
Superfood keeps Me Strong and Alert
I'm an Adrenaline Junkie
But I don't take chances with my Health
The Taxpayers made this Possible
With Superfood I'm Stable & Focused
I Burn so much Energy on Stage
I need my Stomach in Tip Top Shape
This is Precision Work
I need a Level Head to Concentrate
It has to be Perfect
Both my Performance and my Food
I want Ultimate Nutrition
Superfood Delivers in Every time
When we gather to Brainstorm
I don't want to be Thinking about sugar
Night shifts can be Challenging
Superfood helps me Complete the task
I want the most out of my Sleep
With Superfood my Sleep is Deeper
We do not trust Big Pharma
We want a Natural Aid
I have trouble falling asleep
Superfood makes it Smooth and Easy
She deserves me Well Balanced
He's been so Calm and Joyful lately
I need to stay Emotionally Stable
Superfood is all Natural
He's been there for me, Always
He deserves the very Best
I don't wan't to be afraid anymore
I have so Much to Live for
I am tired of sulking at home
I want to enjoy the simple pleasures
Starting a Business can be Scary
I need Superfood to Balance my Nerves
The tone of my voice is Important
I seize every day with Superfood
I want to pass this Exam
I need my sleep cycle in Order
It's so hectic in the big City
I just wanna go with the Flow
I'm a light Sleeper
Sleeping side by side is easier now
I have been Moody for too long
There is so much more to Discover
I want to be there for my Family
I want a lighter Outlook
When I sleep Good at night
I can get the Most out of my day
I want get out here every week
Superfood makes it Easy
I want to wake up with a Smile
I am Glad there is a Healthy Way
Mornings are the Best
So many Possibilities
So many things to Remember
Superfood keeps me Level Headed
Morpheus10 logo

Pristine Heirloom
Herbal inFusion
with Tryptophan
& Inositol
Preservative Free
& Easily Digested
High Quality Aid
Smooth Scalable
& Water Soluble
Get Yours Now
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How We make it for You
Buy Superfood

Protects your Body
& The Environment
Balanced Holistic
Natural Mixture
Superior Superfood
Meal Replacement
Always Fresh & Ready
Convenient Package
& Unlimited Use
Get Yours Now
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Open Capsule
42Freedom Package
400 Vegan Capsules
42Freedom Ingredients
Proprietary Formula
Ready Shipment
Powder Packages
42Freedom Lineup
Dry Ingredients
42Freedom Formula
A Mountain of Superfood
In the Mix
Superfood Pyramid
Proprietary Formula
Raw &Handmade
Without Flow Agents
Compact & Packed
with High Value Energy
Open Capsule
Morpheus10 Package
400 Vegan Capsules
Morpheus10 Ingredients
Proprietary Formula
Ready Shipment
God of Dreams
In the press
There's nothing like
Deep Natural Sleep
The Press
Makes 400 capsules
Vegan Hypromellose
Cellulose Capsules
Finished Set
Fresh from the Press
Buy Superfood

Elevates & Alleviates
your Mind & Spirit
Elegant Elementary
Natural Compound
Flow Agent Free
Vegan Capsules
Prescription Free
Tested & Safe to Mix
with any Diet
Get Yours Now
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Pristine Powder Blend
Best Superfood
Best Superfood
Best Superfood
Best Superfood
Premium Superfood
Natural Superfood
Filler Free
Vegan Superfood
15 Fine Features of 42Freedom
Sustainable Superfood
Top Superfood
Safe Superfood
Great Superfood
Approved Superfood
Earth Friendly

Dissolves in Water.
Protects your Body & The Environment.
Raw, Holistic Natural Compound & Super
Meal Replacement.
Raw & Handmade

Non-Processed. Non-Concentrated.
Balanced Ultimate
& Pristine Nutrition.
Vegan Plants & Capsules.

Flow Agent Free

No Magnesium Stearate.
Filler & Additive Free.
Preservative Free.
Dried Plant Powder.
Each Package Made with Care & Sealed by Hand.

Better Health For All

Fits any Lifestyle
& Ideal Food for:
Explorers, Preppers,
Athletes, Astronauts,
Divers, Drillers, Agents,
Diplomats & Travellers.

Produced & Distributed in the European Market

All Components Approved & Compliant with EU regulation.
All Rights Reserved for
Freedom DK 27364489.

Quick Superfood
Compact Superfood
Easy Superfood
Superfood Recipe
Buy Superfood
You can have a Meal
in 42 Seconds

Complete Nourishment
without empty Calories,
but with all 90 Essential
Nutrients from 42 Unique Superfoods.
Anytime & Anywhere.

Convenient to Package, Handle & Administer

Our Products Store and Keep Potency for Years.
Always Fresh, Always Ready & You don't need Plates or Napkins.
Pocket Superfood.

Optimal Survival Food

Natural Booster & Super Food in 1 Product.
Perfect for Trekkers & Adventurers. A Stable source of Wellness with Quick, Easy Delivery &
Unlimited Application.

The Complete List

Are you looking for superfoods?
We have already done the Research, the Gathering and the Presentation.

You just click the button :)

The Price is Important to All of Us, but what are You Comparing it with?

Gathering & Blending 42 Superfoods takes Effort, and our Products are Priced Accordingly, to Bring you the Very Best.
why buy superfood
holistic nutrition
superfood medicine
healthiest food on the planet
beauty from within
Do You Really Need It?

How can we determine what we need? It seems we are more concerned with what we want. But with 42Freedom, it could be argued, that we don't need anything else.
Holistic Healing

42Freedom is an Ideal Compliment for Diets & Fasting or for Restoring your nutritional Balance.
We firmly believe that Prevention is better than damage control.
"Let Food be thy Medicine" ~ Hippocrates

We have brought together the most Honored and Renowned Herbs, Roots & Fruits from Ayurvedic
& Chinese Lore.
The Healthiest Food on the Planet!

Imagine the Perfect Capsule, what would be inside it?
Maybe 42 Superfoods? All Praised & Hallowed through Millennia...
Do you believe Beauty comes from within?

Do you believe you are what you Eat?

Do you believe the state of your body determines the state of your Mind?
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