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What is Bee Pollen

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"Let Food be thy Medicine" ~ Hippocrates
Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen
Gods Ambrosia

People using Bee Pollen, say it has had an affect on:

Vitality & Alertness
Brain & Concentration
Contains All Nutrients
Enzymes & Amino Acids
Liver / Organ Function
For centuries bee pollen has held a legendary place of honor on the apothecary shelf.
Ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese, boasted about the benefits of the pollen collected by the industrious bees.

Ancient cave drawings show the use of bee pollen in treatments.
Even some of the best-known legends of the past, including Hippocrates and Pythagoras, often prescribed these golden bee pollen gems.

While pollen was highly prized by ancient cultures, modern professionals continue to value this super-nutrient.

Scientists from every country in the world continue to research these tiny heroes of nature -and bee keeper enthusiasts nurture and protect the little critters. They are now making the world aware of the absolute necessity of a healthy bee population.

Bee pollen is collected from various pollinating plants by honey bees. The bees take the yellow, powdery substance back to the hive and literally pack it into the cells of the honeycomb.

The bees then add nectar, enzymes, fungi, bacteria and other organisms that transform the pollen into compact nuggets, sometimes called “bee bread.”
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