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Nosebleed Plant

People using Yarrow, say it has had an affect on:

Blood Pressure / Hormones
Bleeding / Blood Clodding
Antiseptic / Inflammation
Wounds / Lacerations
Menstrual Problems
Yarrow’s virtues have been well known since ancient times. Its Latin name, Achillea mille folium, is derived from the Greek Hero Achilles, who was said to rely on this humble herb to help his warriors on the battle field.

It has been used in Western Europe and China as a tool for divination for centuries, including a variety of Dream Rituals and spells for discovering one’s true love.

Perhaps it’s most well-known use is in conjunction with the I Ching, where bundles of 64 long, straight yarrow sticks are used to read the hexagrams associated with this system of divination.

Yarrow has been long recognized as a protective plant. Part of yarrow’s magic is the ability to regulate the flow through the body. Yarrow magic is the magic of intentional restraint.

Yarrow reminds us not to allow the energy to overwhelm us. Likewise, yarrow reminds us to protect ourselves and our vulnerable places so they can recover.

In creative projects, yarrow reminds us to move with careful and steady intention. Yarrow magic is the magic of regulating the creative flow, the blood of our work.

Yarrow has long been a symbol of love, especially lasting love. It often takes two or more years for Yarrow to become established, but once she’s done so, she’s a strong and lasting perennial who can endure conditions and neglect that would wither many other plants.
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