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What is Sea Buckthorn

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Sea Buckthorn
Sea Buckthorn

People using Sea Buckthorn, say it has had an affect on:

Skin & Eyes
Vitamin C / Omega 7 / Protein
Youth / Beuty / Hormones
Energy / Digestion / Cardio
Liver & Pancreas
In Russia, the sea buckthorn industry has been thriving since the 1940s, when scientists began to investigate the active properties found in the fruit and leaves.

In China, research and plantation establishments were initiated in the 1980s and since 1982 over 300,000 hectar of sea buckthorn have been planted.
This has created 150 processing factories, producing over 200 products.

The berries and their usage were also mentioned in China, 1,200 years ago, and in Tibetan texts around 1,000 years ago. From there, Sea Buckthorn spread over Russia and the Ukraine into Europe, finally reaching the British Isles.

Sea buckthorn was already known in ancient Greece. It is also called "Sallow Thorn", presumably from the berries which can stain the skin yellow (they have been used to make pigments and dyes).
It is native to Europe and some northern regions of Asia, but is cultivated elsewhere too.

In ancient Greece, greek war horses were important and speedy steeds for them, thus the Greeks developed a peculiar feeling for horses, they never kill any horses, and always freed the wounded and old horses to the wild, to live as they wished.

At one occasion the Greeks freed about 60 horses to the field. Several months later these sick horses come back and had become very strong and their hair was glittering - thus arose the curiosity of the Greeks.

They realized the horses came to a shrub of sea buckthorn, chewed the leaves when hungry and chewed the fruit berry when thirsty, and saw that the horses depended on Sea Buckthorn.

Thus the wise Greeks knew the properties of sea buckthorn. So a glorious name was given to this amazing plant: Hippophae rhamnoides which means "The tree makes horses glittering!"
Sea Buckthorn
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"The tree makes horses glittering"
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