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What is Aronia Berry

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Aronia Berry
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People using Aronia, say it has had an affect on:

Insulin Resistance
Organs / Stomach / Liver
Polyphenols / Antioxidants
Vitamins C B1 B2 B6 K
Bowel / Breast Cancer
The history of the Aronia Berry is also a fascinating study as the berries was originally used for a number of purposes by the Native American cultures in North America.

The leaves and twigs of the Aronia bush were often used for teas and cordials to sustain the tribes. The juice of the berries was used as dyes, war paint and personal care.

During the long winter months, dried berries were used to boost nutrition among the tribes.
Aronia Berries were also a much used to treat various meats. The treated meats were called pemmican (dried meats) and were used for food during the harsh winter months when prey was scarce.

Aronia berries and their nutritional value were eventually forgotten as the United States industrialized and native american tribes were moved onto reserved land.

The cultural shift of the industrial era and the trend toward modern agriculture sent the Aronia into relative obscurity on the North American continent.

However, as knowledge of the Aronia waned in the States, Aronia gained wider prominence in the Eastern Block countries, particularly in Poland.

Today, Poland is by far the largest producer of Aronia in the world, accounting for some 80% of the worldwide production of Aronia.
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