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Amla Berry
Indian Gooseberry

People using Amla, say it has had an affect on:

Coagulation / Metabolism
Memory & Brain
Anemia / Constipation
Eyes / Skin / Hair / Nerves
Diabetes / Cancer
In India, denouncing Amla would be as impolite and ill mannered as criticizing apples in the United States. “Yes, they have an unusual flavor,” he’d say, “but the health benefits are incredible!"
Indeed, the country is replete with anecdotes of these wonderful berries' health benefits.

Amla comes from subtropical regions of India, where it has thrived for centuries. Scriptures, Indian folklore and Sanskrit texts mention the fruit with reverence.

The famous Tamil poet, Avvayar claimed that a celestial Amla was given to Prince Adhiyaman to promote life.
In turn, this would enable the prince to continue with his good deeds to the people.

Sushruta, one of India’s greatest herbalists wrote of Amla’s benefits during his life circa 1500-3000BC.

Few countries cultivate Amla today, with the most common growers being China, Malaysia, and of course, India.
Amla season is October through April, and the south India enjoys the longest season.

Indeed, when the monsoon season subsides, Amla is everywhere: Beverage shops offer cups of the heavily diluted, sugary juice; stall owners sell fresh Amla piled on top of candied apples on steel plates; and grocery stores stack Amla in heaps in their wooden bins.

If looking for the fruit during the off-season, other Amla products are available. Several shops sell pasteurized juice, Amla tablets and dried Amla, though the tablets might be somewhat costly.
Amla Berries
Amla Berries
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