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What are Mucuna Beans

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Mucuna Beans
Florida Velvet Bean

People using Mucuna, say it has had an affect on:

Endurance & Intellect
Dopamine & Nerves
Balance / Motor Skills
Libido & Reproductive System
Kidneys & Adrenal Glands
During the 18th and 19th centuries, Mucuna was grown widely as a green vegetable in the foothills and lower hills of the eastern Himalayas and in Mauritius.

Both the green pods and the mature beans were boiled and eaten.
Mucuna was eventually replaced as a vegetable in Asia by more palatable legumes, although it is still used as a famine food and as specialty food in northeastern India.

In Guatemala and Mexico, Mucuna has for at least several decades been roasted and pulverized to make a coffee substitute.

The use of Mucuna as minor food crops has also been reported in Ghana, Mozambique, and Nigeria.

"With this fertilizer bean, scared land becomes brave." — Teodoro Reyes

The reason I wanted Mucuna in the 42Freedom formula is that it has some very unique and fantastic properties. When I read about its history and use I was amazed, but that has really been the case for all the ingredients in 42Freedom.

Today “The Florida Velvet Bean” enjoys a life of exalted reverence, and the industry around it is thriving.

When you read about it, you will find that people suggest a moderate use on account of its potency, which is why Mucuna is such a perfect fit amongst its peers in 42Freedom.
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