White Kaolin Clay Health Benefits

What is White Kaolin Clay

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White Kaolin Clay
White Kaolin Clay
China Clay

People using Kaolin, say it has had an affect on:

Colon & Detox
Toxins & Metals
Digestive Tract
Epithelial Lining
Leaky gut / Gas
White kaolin clay is rich in silicon and aluminum silicate and it is known to be the mildest of all clay.

This Kaolin is of a high grade and ultra pure.
It has profound and versatile properties.

Historically Kaolin has been used both internally as well as externally.
Its use originated from ancient China and was prized by Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and other native cultures.

Kaolin clay is an inorganic mineral compound.
For this reason it does not react with the human body.
Why then is it useful to us?

Not everything we humans surround ourselves with becomes part of us.
When you take a bath for example, you have soap, a sponge, a brush and a towel and lots of water, but none of these become part of you. Instead you rely on all these things to take something away from you – namely dirt.

This is also the case with kaolin clay. It is ideal to take things away from you that you don’t want or need, both externally and internally.

You can liken it to a filter, a sieve, that trawls your intestines for bacteria, viruses, gases and toxins and carries it out of your body.

In the long run you will expel toxins instead of stockpiling them in your fat cells, and that will impact your overall sense of well-being and the functionality of your digestive system.
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