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What is Chamomile

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Earth Apple

People using Chamomile, say it has had an affect on:

Nervous System
Sleep & Relaxation
Aches & Stresses
Skin & Rejuvenation
Immunity & Vitality
The word "chamomile" comes from ancient Greece, Chamomaela, and means "earth apple".

Pliny the Elder compares the smell of the chamomile flower to the apple blossom, and this may be why the ancients used the term.

The Romans used chamomile to flavor drinks and in incense, and also as a medicinal herb. In Spain the flower is called "manzanilla" (also meaning "little apple"). It is also the flavor in a light sherry called by the same name.

The Scandinavians made hair balms with chamomile. It was thought to add luster to the braided hair styles. In Medieval times the petals were put forth at gatherings to create pleasant odors.

Chamomile was used to flavor beer before hops were put to that use.

Monks discovered that one in every 10,000 or so chamomile plants (Anthemis nobilis) have double-headed flowers.
These plants had a milder flavor. Although the seeds were sterile, they were cultivated by cloning for use in tisanes and medicines.

What is today known as Roman Chamomile was not actually cultivated by the Romans but was discovered by an English Botanist in the Coliseum growing wild.
He brought it back to England where it is one of the primary forms of chamomile now cultivated.

Chamomile has a humble beginning, but is now world famous as a natural remedy. It can now be found in the field, as well as in the garden.
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