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What is Valerian

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People using Valerian, say it has had an affect on:

Insomnia / Anxiety
Nervous System
Tension / Muscle Pain
Heart / Blood Pressure
Sleep Depth / Quality
Valerian has been used as a medicinal herb since the time of ancient Greece and Rome.
Hippocrates described its properties, and Galen later prescribed it as a remedy against insomnia.

In medieval Sweden, it was sometimes placed in the wedding clothes of the groom to ward off the "envy" of the elfs.

In the 16th century, the Anabaptist reformer Pilgram Marpeck prescribed valerian tea for a heart sick woman.

John Gerard's Herball states that his contemporaries found Valerian "excellent for those burdened and for those with convulsions, and also for those that are bruised."

He says that the dried root was valued as a medicine by the poor in the north of England and the south of Scotland, so that "no broth or pottage or physicall meats be worth anything if Setewale (Valerian) be not there."

The seventeenth century astrological botanist Nicholas Culpeper thought the plant was "under the influence of the planet Mercury, and therefore had a warming ability."

He recommended both herb and root, and said that:
"The root boiled with liquorice, raisins and aniseed is good for those troubled with cough.
- Also, it is of special value against the plague, the decoction thereof being drunk and the root smelled. The green herb being bruised and applied to the head taketh away pain and pricking thereof."
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