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What is LCHF

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Low Carb High Fat

People eating LCHF diets, say their main reasons are:

Reduced Appetite / Weight
Low Blood Stream Fat Level
"Good" HDL Cholesterol
Low Blood Sugar / Pressure
Stable Low Insulin Level
On September 24th 1955, American President Dwight D. Eisenhower suffered a heart attack.
The blame was put on the American fat rich diet.
Since then there has been a war on fat.
The food industry has taken out all the healthy fats in our food and replaced it with sugar.

Watch the videos to the right to get the whole story.
Man has survived on ketones (fat) since the beginning of history.
It is a natural food source, whereas refined processed sugar is not.
Sugar used to only be available in the autumn, when the trees and bushes bore fruit and berries, but now we are bombarded with high fructose corn syrup every day.

Eating sugar many times a day puts our pancreas on an insulin rollercoaster, that results in the storage of sugar in our fat cells and the eventual shutdown of our pancreas and insulin resistance in our liver.

Regretfully most humans believe they are entitled to have a constant sugar satisfaction, and the food manufacturers are not making it any easier. The trick is to cut out sugar from your diet.
From soda pop, alcohol and wine to grains, bread, corn, rice, potatoes and pasta, and replacing it with healthy fats instead, like crème fraiche, mayonnaise, eggs, seeds, nuts, butter and cheese.

So if you are used to steak with potatoes and gravy, instead try steak with salad and dressing.
See if you can say goodbye to sugar water. Try sparkling water with lemon instead.
The sugar we drink is the most dangerous, because it is so easy to ingest and is devoid of fiber. Your body completely rebuilds itself every 7 years, so ask yourself what you would like your body to be built of 7 years from now:
Sugar or Superfood?

42Freedom will help you play the long game. Our bodies will choose to run on sugar first and fat second.
This means that when you mix sugar and fat, your body never burns the fat, but stores the excess sugar as more fat instead, and you are left with a lot of unused fat.

When you eat high fat and low carb, your body goes into ketosis – the process of burning ketones (fat) as a stable energy source, and when you need more energy your body goes to your fat storages for more ketones, instead of craving more sugar.

It is possible to run your entire body on ketones alone, but to satisfy your sweet tooth can prove a challenge.

Although the sugar cravings will go away when you get the 90 essential nutrients, it is impossible to completely avoid sugar in our modern society.

If you must have sugar, go for whole fruit or perhaps some honey.
If you are looking for a sweetener, try stevia.
Low Carb High Fat
Food Pyramid
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Low Carb High Vegetable
Vegan Food Pyramid
Eat more Healthy Fats
To balance the Fiber
Choose a healthy side order
Salad vs. Fries
Time Magazine
"Eat more Butter"
Vegan LCHF
Olive oil is great
for all blood types

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