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The reason big companies cannot take out patent on plants is that plants contain several hundred different natural chemical compounds and also the fact that these companies haven’t invented these plants; plants just grow on the Earth as they have done for millions of years.
There was a time before big industry; a time where humans collected herbs from a diverse an unspoiled landscape.
Perhaps you know a few plants that people swear by, like: plantains, chamomile and sage to name but a few.

The old herbalists of the village knew how and when to use these different herbs, and in a dark period of our common history these sages were burnt alive accused of being witches and warlocks.

Even today holistic herbalists are being ousted, scorned and ridiculed for their ancient ways, because big industries claim they have the only recipe for health.

But that does not mean the old herbs have stopped being effective; it only means that big industry does not want us to focus on these, because they are free and widely available.

It’s all about the money. If a company cannot patent a formula, it cannot make money from it.

I am challenging that concept!

You could mix 42 herbs if you wanted to do it.

What I am offering is the time you save from not having to make it yourself. If big pharma tried to make this, they would have to either raise the price or lower the quality.
So this is our niche - this is our blue ocean.

You have the power to create your own health.
The plants you need are growing all around you.

Trust yourself and your own research and learn from the abundance of knowledge our ancestors have gathered for millennia.
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Free the Plants
Only Free and Ancient
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