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What is Intermittent Fasting

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Attain Nutritional Balance
Fasting & Probiotics
Intermittent Fasting

People who choose fasting, say their main reasons are:

High HGH / Low Insulin
Fat burn / Longevity
Reduce Oxidative Damage
Low Grehlin / Cleans cells
Blood Pressure / Cholesterol
When you invest in 42Freedom, you invest in yourself.
But just as the product is very complex, your results will be uniquely complex as well.

Remember, you are playing the long game. The game of life.
You are here because you believe health is something you create, not something you have to fix. In my daily life I don’t want to worry about my health.

I strive to provide myself with all the building blocks my body needs, so I can be stable and happy and concentrate on my daily tasks. I can recommend intermittent fasting. Basically it means only eating in a 6 hour window every day.
This gives your pancreas a break and allows your hormones to put your body in a preservative state.

If we eat constantly, we signal to our bodies that they have to multiply and procreate.
When we are fasting, we signal to our bodies that they have to survive, stabilize and protect the individual cells. If you want more information search the term "Autophagy".

And when you get the nutrients you need, you will find that you need fewer calories.

I also recommend you take a probiotic supplement, to replenish and sustain your gut flora biome.

It is essential to have the necessary bacteria biome to metabolize the myriad of nutrients 42Freedom contains.

Your bacteria in your digestive system also determine which foods you crave and when you get hungry again.

Controlling your gut bacteria biome is really the key to controlling your eating habits.

Read more in the article “What to expect” .
Play the Long Game
in the Game of Life
Intermittent Fasting
Clears your System
Your Bacteria Biome Gut Flora
Is a Rowdy Bunch
Probiotics Balances your Biome
Lactobacillus ( Scale ~ 1 : 30.000 )
You need much Less
Than you Think
Enter Ketosis
and Prolong your Life

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