Superfood Production Method

Raw & Handmade

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Flow Agent Free - No Magnesium Stearate
Raw & Handmade
Raw & Handmade
Production Method

People who choose handmade capsules, say - it is because:

No Magnesium Stearate
No Flow Agent Fillers
Made for Perfect Digestion
Undamaged Nutrients
Wholesome End Product
Why Raw?

Couldn't you add synthetic nutrients?

We could, but it would be counterproductive.

We believe plants grow into their shape and texture for a reason.
Humans and plants have lived side by side for countless millennia. We matured together.

Human organisms are made, designed and genetically refined to absorb plants in their whole unspoiled raw form.
It occurs logical to us that we should honor that design.

Why Handmade?

Wouldn't an automated production process be easier?

Perhaps, but then we would have to add "Flow Agents" and compromise the product.
When pills are made in giant machines in factories, "Flow Agents" have to be added to make sure the powder can pass through the machinery smoothly and not clog up the pipes.

We don’t want "Flow Agents"!
You don’t want "Flow Agents"!

42Freedom is free from fillers, chemicals and preservatives, and to uphold our principle of ultimate integrity it must remain like that.
This also insures that the product cannot be copied or imitated.
Raw Powder
Not Concentrated
Chopped Yarrow
Not Processed
Organic Vegan Capsules
Hypromellose Cellulose
Pure Powder
Manually Filled
No Machines
A mountain of
Layers of
Flow Agents
Not Allowed
Spices from all
around the world
Filling the

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