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The Research
The Research
The Formula

Top 5 Guidelines
for the Creation of 42Freedom

Ancient Heirloom History
Proven / Tested Superfoods
Logical Combinations
Syntax Symbiosis Synergy
Variation & Availability
You might be looking for similar products on the market.

The formula for 42Freedom is unique, only available from Freedom Superfoods.

My first priority has been to make an original superfood product, that would benefit all of mankind. But perhaps you miss a specific plant powder.

I have quite an extensive list of plants that I just couldn't fit into the final product. Some were too expensive; some had similar profiles and would have flooded the final product.

Finding the right mix has been a balancing act.
For example; I took out garlic, because it can cause bad breath, and I took out vanilla because it costs 300$ per kilo.

My goal was to have all niches of plants represented, but also that the nutritional profile of the finished product was wholesome and complete.

Perhaps with experience - changes will be made, but right now the 42Freedom formula is a result of 3 years of research.

My top priority is integrity. I want you to feel certain that the product is of superior quality and design.

Try opening a capsule to taste the powder. It is a very satisfying and educating experience.

42Freedom is not made for the taste, but I find it delightful that the taste matches my dream: Ultimate.
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