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Balanced Holistic Natural Mixture
What to Expect
Your MicroBiome
What to Expect

People using 42Freedom, say they experience this:

MicroBiome ReBalancing
Digestive System Cleanse
Food Cravings Changes
Regular Bowel Movements
Smooth Consistant Stool
Each component of 42Freedom – each plant – consists of a wide range of natural chemical compounds.
Each plant can have somewhere between 100-400 different active molecules in various combinations.
A conservative estimate then suggests that 42Freedom will be introducing your digestive system to a minimum of 4242 new natural compounds.

If you have been living on a standard western diet all your life, you might foresee a bit of a digestive pandemonium, while your gut bacteria biome comes into balance.

Your digestive system houses around 10 trillion bacteria, that's 10.000 billion bacteria, unless something is wrong or you take antibiotics.
That’s the same amount of bacteria as you have cells in your body. Depending on what you eat you can either boost or kill certain strains of bacteria.

We also have a fungus called Candida living in our digestive system and indeed all over our bodies. You might have heard of it. Maybe you are struggling with it.
You need a certain amount of Candida, because it helps you digest sugar.
But Candida also loves chemicals, preservatives, additives and artificial garbage such as aspartame and other food facsimile produced in laboratories.
As the standard western diet mainly consists of sugars and preservatives, the Candida can take over completely, and the result is known as Candida overgrowth.

The good bacteria in your gut have many colorful latin names such as: Lactobacillus: plantarum, paracasei, brevis, acidophilus, casei, rhamnosus, salvarius – Bifidobacterium: longum, bifidum, lactis - Bacillus subtills … and so on to name but a few.

These bacteria want complex vegetables, seeds, nuts and fats. The more pure and unprocessed the better.
These bacteria are vital for your digestion, and are responsible for breaking down the molecules in the food you eat.
They are also the reason fermented foods are fermented - like yoghurt, beer and sauerkraut.

So you can get more of them by eating fermented foods and complex raw vegetables.
And you can get less of them by taking antibiotics and eating processed and sugary industrial food. So whenever you take 42Freedom the reaction you get from your gut depends on your current bacteria flora biome, and indeed the balance between the different strains of bacteria and fungi. So each person will have a unique experience, but one thing is for certain. 42Freedom will feed the good bacteria in your gut, but who knows if the Candida fungi will organize a demonstration.

Because it is in fact your bacteria biome that dictates what you feel like having for dinner.
If you have Candida overgrowth, they will tell you to eat sugar via various chemical signals to the brain.

People think that they decide themselves what they want to eat, but they do not, the gut bacteria decide, unless that person makes a conscious decision.
If you pick from the menu card whatever you feel like at that moment, you are just following the orders given by the bacteria in your gut.

This is why so many people have a hard time eating healthily. Firstly because good food is not being presented to them, but more so, because they are just following orders. Candida orders. But since you are on this webpage you have made a conscious decision to eat superfood, and I applaud you on this most excellent decision.

So I suggest that you eat a Low Carb, High Vegetable, High Fat diet, to obtain the right bacteria balance in your gut.
Is this a challenge or impossible, you can use 42Freedom to  help you in the right direction. The good news is that when you change your gut bacteria biome by eating vegetables and healthy fats, you will instead be hungry for vegetables and healthy fats, because it is the good bacteria and no longer the Candida that call the shots.

Having a stable healthy bacteria biome takes time, effort and consistency to evolve and protect.
There are no quick fixes in life if you want genuine positive results. Through scientific research we now know that the human body renews itself completely every 7 years.
That means that all cells in your body, with a few exceptions, will be completely replaced after 7 years.

So ask yourself this question:
What would you like your body to be made of  - 7 years from now?
Whatever you eat today, it will be your body’s building blocks tomorrow. I suggest taking a probiotic supplement, preferably in liquid state, to kickstart your bacteria biome, especially in the beginning. This will be less important once your microbiome is properly balanced.

By using 42Freedom you agree that Freedom Superfoods is in no way responsible for any experience you might have with the product.

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