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It's a Blessing Every Day
Michael Henrik de Frey Svanholt
Entrepreneur / Herbalist / Graphic Designer
I use 42Freedom & Morpheus10

I take 10-14 capsules of 42Freedom a day, and it keeps my digestion in perfect condition and my sugar cravings in check. I eat only once a day, getting a lot of green veggies and a good portion of protein. I use Morpheus10 occasionally for a deeper slumber.
I did originally design 42Freedom to cure my mother's type 2 Diabetes. The doctors gave her Metformin, a "medicine" made from french lilac-flower extractions.
It is effective, but it only consists of a single molecule, and will have adverse effects after prolonged use.

I wanted to create a foodsource that contained the maximum number of different natural components, so that the body gets great variation and therefore does not develop resistance and intolerance towards the product.

My first formula contained 27 plants, my second formula was upscaled to 32 - and eventually I chose the magic number 42, selected from a wish list of more than 60.

Through my research I discovered that all these superfoods had amazing and versatile abilities able to address almost any ailment know to mankind. It is only logical, because we have lived together with these plants for millions of years.

My mother no longer has Diabetes type 2, even though she still enjoys bread and icecream. It is simply because she now has a better nutritional balance in her diet.

With the right nutrition our bodies can heal or prevent any whichever disease.
Michael Svanholt
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Michael Svanholt
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