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Flow Agent Free - No Magnesium Stearate
Premium Quality
Premium Quality
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People say they use Morpheus10, because it is:

Natural & Prescription Free
Big Pharma Alternative
Safely & Easily Scalable
Filler & Additive Free
Slow Release Plant Powder
Premium Quality Powder
Manually Pressed
Filler free
Additive free
No Preservatives

We want to bring you organic quality, but some powders or plants are only available in premium quality. 90% of our ingredients are organic.
We will keep striving to deliver the best powders in the future.

While 42Freedom is a foodsource suitable for ordinary meal replacement, Morpheus10 is instead a foodsource suitable for selected occasions and meant for consumption in smaller amounts.

You can see our current suppliers by selecting the specific plants to the left.

It is important to us that Morpheus10 has the highest purity possible, so we can deliver a pristine product every time.

Not only because our families use the products, not only because it’s the only thing our conscience will allow, but more so because it is the only choice, considering all the experience and knowledge we have now.
Many of these Superfoods
are Rare
and may be Gathered
in Rural Areas
Some plants are only grown
on a smaller industrial scale
therefore it's harder to
prove Organic Quailty
Some are Cultivated
in Imaginative ways
Some need Special Conditions
to Blossom
Some are gathered
in the Wild
Some grow in
Remote Areas
and most have
Special Needs
Inositol is Mass Produced
with a simple Formula
Tryptophan is just
an Isolated essential Protein
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