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Ideal for all Adult Humans of all Ages
Health & Wellness
for all Ages

People using 42Freedom, say their main reasons are:

Premium vegan nutrition
Variation in every capsule
Holistic herbal mixture
Beauty from the inside
Great for dieting and fasting
It is said, that we don’t need any sugar at all – can this be right? I think you came to this section because you are curious and want to find new ways to do things.

What qualities in 42Freedom will help you every day?

I applaud anyone who can discover a fresh angle on life. We believe beauty comes from within and if we want what is best for ourselves, we will first have to do what is best for our planet.

We wouldn’t say yes to every temptation, would we?
But we shouldn’t have to say no to them all.

Pleasure is a sinful word. And they tell us our desires will lead us astray. There are times when I feel powerless against my body’s primal cravings. And I bet you’re tired of health gurus selling you unwanted dietplans. Let’s find a way to have our cake and eat it too!

I promise to show you the secret of superfood and how you can use that secret. Several people who use 42Freedom, were told by their doctor that their blood sugar levels were decreasing and stabilizing, even with a normal diet.

Well, what is a normal diet, you ask?
It’s one where you feel you’re not punishing yourself all the time:
1 There is a birthday cake at the office?
2 There’s a salmon sandwich, but it’s on white bread?
3 It’s pasta night - there is red wine on the table
and strawberries for dessert?

The great thing is. 42Freedom is not a supplement or a medicine, it is a food source. It is 42 superfoods in a vegan capsule, designed to deliver the best varied nourishment - mother Earth has to offer - at her own pace.

So how much do you need?
It depends on how much you want?
I’ll replace entire meals with it.
It’s good for balancing sugar, when I’m naughty…
After having taken superfood for a while,
it is easier to be intermittent fasting.

Which temptations do you resist?

We sell 42Freedom in packages of 400 capsules.
Limited stock is available today.

Only 0.30 Dollars per capsule right now.
As you can see – We are not going to charge you
a thousand Dollars for this.

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Carrots are great
But I need more Variation
The kitchen can be a challenge
I want something Quick and Awesome
Whats for Dinner?
- Superfood!
I'm not proud of it -
But I need a snack in the afternoon
I like fruit
But it's too much fructose
It's so easy to carry with me
And the guys are dipping into my bag
I get the munchies at midnight
I can't help it...
There is too much temptation!
What should I do?
Can I get some fast- SUPER food?
I'm tired of chewing so many veggies
I don't want to meassure this
all the time...
Oh god, How much sugar
is in this thing?
Try this - It's delicious
No, it's loaded with fructose
It's unfair...
It tastes so good!
Give Mother Earth
a chance to heal
We create organic food -
from sustainable fields
Wow - it's actually just
raw vegetable powder
Do I have to say
goodbye to pasta?
Is this Superfood?
It doesn't say on the label...
I just had to get out here
I have so much energy now!
Tell me about Superfood
But leave my wine alone!
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