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Optimal Compact Non-Processed Food
Sport Adventure
Sport, Trek
& Adventure

People using 42Freedom, say their main reasons are:

Superfood anytime anywhere
Have a meal in 42 seconds
Optimal survival food
Practical to pack and handle
Unbeatable in your backpack
They say: To travel is to live. To test our limits every day…
I believe you chose this page because you are brave and search for more!

How can we help you test your courage?

I admire anyone who wants to venture beyond the ordinary.
But even on the edge of the world – we put our faith in our fellow man and hope they did the basics correctly.

We won’t jump of the ledge without a lifeline, will we?
Yet still, we wish, we could jump without…

Freedom is a crazy proposal. There is no joy without fear.
Tell me about your wildest dream. Take me to the highest peak, and the deepest cave. But don’t ever tell me I have to wait. It’s not just the dream the drives us. It’s the fear of knowing that we never dared.

Seekers, who pack 42Freedom, say, they can go further and almost let go. There is no telling where you might be swept off to. But with this Superfood - it will be like nowhere else in the world.

You’re on the brink and food is scarce: What will you do?
Rain is coming and the trail seems endless -
1 There is no time to build a campfire or tinker with utensils.
2 You need nutrients, fiber and complex carbs in a hurry.
3 There is no deer to shoot, no apples to pluck - and it’s getting dark soon?

We’ve all heard the word Superfood in the media, but what is it?
It’s the ability to stay free when you need to. To eat when you can’t. It’s the first and last thing in your backpack.

For 3 years now 42Freedom has travelled far and wide,
and I know the journey has only just begun.
It is the basics - done correctly.
No fuss, no miss, no mess, no mash.
I’m full, but not filled up.
42 Superfoods in 42 seconds, anytime, anywhere.

How will you test yourself?

We sell 42Freedom in packages of 400 capsules.
Limited stock is available today.

Only 0.30 Dollars per capsule right now.
As you can see – We are not going to charge you
a thousand Dollars for this.

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I'm gonna Jump right into it
I don't have room for empty calories
I need compact Superfood
Something Easy and Durable
I cannot afford Mistakes up here
I want Superfood in Perfect doses
I'm an Adrenaline Junkie
But I don't take chances with my Health
We need Compact Food
We could end up anywhere
I wanna break the Limits
I need Superfood at the ready
I have Limited Space in my Bag
Superfood is the only choice
Too much Junkfood on the block
I got Superfood in my bag
My Team is Depending on Me
Superfood keeps Me Strong and Alert
It has to be Perfect
Both my Performance and my Food
I made it to the Top!
Time to pop some Superfood
It's a Leap of Faith
Superfood's got my back
I can only carry the essentials
I need all 90 Essential Nutrients
Just do IT
I'm ready to Rock
I need hardcore Stamina
Superfood is the only way
A Steady Heart and a Clear Mind
The only way to Win
Breakfast was Easy
I'm glad I don't have a full Stomach
Burger King is 240 miles away
I'm glad I brought some Superfood
I Feel Free out here
I got everything I need
It takes Persistence and Energy
Superfood keeps me going
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