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Balanced Ultimate & Pristine Nutrition
& Daily Activity

People using 42Freedom, say their main reasons are:

Compact & easy to bring
Light & smooth in the stomach
Natural salts & minerals
Nutrients & building blocks
Quick energy after ingestion
A life coach once told me: "You are never going to want - to take action. But you have to do it anyway!"

But how can Superfood get you motivated?

I believe you come to this webpage with great volition.
And I wish to help you reach your goal.

Completing the exercise, isn’t that hard, is it?
But getting started is a whole different ballgame…

It turns out, it’s not about motivation – It’s about getting in the zone. How are we supposed to get in the zone when we have so many obligations? Our whole lives we’ve been told we have to do this, fix that, go there, say this – just be yourself! Maybe the spark we had as kids will never come back. You don’t act because someone commands you. You do it because you have willpower.

People who use our Superfood products, say, that everything feels lighter. Like weights have been lifted from their shoulders. They are free to run and are not about to quit. They no longer dread the moment where “I don’t feel like it”, but press forward despite it.

The difficult thing about exercise is often how to prepare.
And how we can refuel our bodies afterwards -
1 We cannot eat beforehand, but we want to fill the tank.
2 We should eat afterwards, but we tend to overdo it.
3 Ordinary protein bars and energy drinks do not contain the nutrients we need.

Imagine being able to bring with you - perfect nutrition in perfect doses. All the benefits of superfood but without the preparation, the cooking, the transport, the eating, the salad dressing, the napkins and the dirty plates? Capsules you can take at any point before, during or after exercise.

42Freedom Superfood Capsules have been on the team for 3 years now, and it has delivered the goods at every occassion.
It has become my daily breakfast.
It keeps me stable and focused through my daily tasks and exercises.
I can recuperate faster and I feel healthier.
It keeps my stomach in order and ready for tomorrow.

What would you do with superfood in your pocket?

We sell 42Freedom in packages of 400 capsules.
Limited stock is available today.

Only 0.30 Dollars per capsule right now.
As you can see – We are not going to charge you
a thousand Dollars for this.

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He gets me out there
Superfood gets me home
I'm gonna stay in Shape
So Superfood is in my Daily Routine
The most Important thing
Is to be there for the Guys
It's good to have someone
to Lean on
No Rules, No Games - Just Sports
Superfood gets me in the Zone
Its good to Feel the Grass again
Like when I was a little kid
He's Running all over the Place?
- He must be 20 years older than me!
I wanna Keep Going
Age is not an option
I take 10 Capsules with me
Its light in my Pocket and in my Stomach
My joints are better now
I have less Inflamation
It's just about being Free
So we Choose Superfood
It feels like
I'm flying
I'm glad I brought
my Superfood along
I need something
to help me Focus
I got so much to do, today
I won't have time for lunch
Let's have some pasta
We've got the veggies covered
I need Superfood
to keep up with these kids
It's ok -
I don't mind standing
My stomach is ok -
I used to get so drunk
There's no way
I'm quitting now
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