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Unique is our Only Standard
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The Research
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Top 5 Guidelines
for the Creation of Morpheus10

Herbalist Lore & Legacy
Proven / Tested Superfoods
Logical Combinations
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Usability & Availability
Big Pharma has a thousand products they claim will make you happy. But common for all of them is that they are patented.

You cannot patent plants. You can only patent isolated chemical structures.

Prescription drugs are all concentrated and usually consists only of a single chemical compound.

This means that your body and especially your liver will become overloaded and have adverse reactions to the drug.
The so-called "Side Effects".

Morpheus10 is classified as a foodsource. It is nutrition. It is not a drug, a supplement or a medicine. At least not according to the government.
Our governments have managed to twist the meaning of the words "food" and "medicine", so that big companies can make big money, having - "the only solution".

This also means that the potency of our formulas are natural and safe for your enjoyment.
They will not work as quickly or as radically as conventional products, and that was never our intention.

Let's embrace nature again. Let's regain balance and stability, and practise modesty and sagacity in all our endeavours.
Have a cup of Tea
in the Alchymists Workshop
Let me tell you
The Secret of the Herbalist
Since the dawn of man
Herbalist depiction Ancient Egypt
We have honored Plants
Druids in Ancient Gathering
and traded them Fervently
Herbalist Trader in Ancient Arabia
Revered for their Power
Forbidden Pages in Witches' Spellbook
Drawn through the Ages
Mandrake Lore - Unkown Origin
Praised for their Potential
German Herbalist Book 11-12th Century
to release the Human Spirit
Medieval Herbalist Belt
and Fuel our Journey
Herbalist Traveller in Ancient Asia
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