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Claims & Returns
Claims & Returns
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If you break the sewn seal and open the package, the package is considered spent and cannot be returned.

Claims & Returns Policy

As Ebay is currently our only outlet, all claims or returns must go through the same portal where you purchased your product.
If you email us at our company email address about claims or returns, we will refer you to your point of purchase, so the process can be properly documented. 

For purchases, shipments, fulfillments, claims and returns we refer to the standard Ebay rules and guidelines.


Morpheus10 and 42Freedom are sanctioned for sale only in WTO countries.

Resale or reexport to a third party is neither sanctioned nor supported.


Our products are not intended to cure or treat any disease, nor are they designed or tested to have any specific effect.

Every human being is unique, and will have unique experiences with our products.

Therefore Freedom Superfoods can make no promises or predictions about what experiences you might have with our products.

By ingesting our product, you agree that Freedom Superfoods is in no way responsible for any experience you might have with the product.

Responsibility & Force Majeure

If the seal on the package is broken or damaged at arrival, or the goods look compromised in some way, please contact support at point of purchase.

While this package is in your possession, the risk that it might be damaged or destroyed due to incidental conditions, is your responsibility.
If you break the seal – or - If you mishandle the package, including but not limited to puncturing, smelting, microwaving, baking, broiling, boiling, burning, flooding, smoking, poisoning, camouflaging or altering the package - or in other ways try to deceive or betray good faith and fair conduct - the product will be considered spent, and the package can no longer be returned or refunded.

Freedom Superfoods is not liable for any direct or indirect losses that you may sustain, in case the goods ordered are delivered behind schedule, have been damaged or otherwise compromised, if the delay or the shortcomings are due to your own actions or lack of actions, or due to circumstances outside Freedom Superfoods control, including but not limited to war, rebellion, riots, arson or fire or flood, natural disasters, government intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, terrorism, hacking, theft, carrier fault, labor or union conflicts of any kind, including strike or lockouts or the like.
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